Wanted: Tomorrow's top litigators

Graduates are our partners of tomorrow. So we choose carefully. We don’t hire you to do our grunt work or to just to make us look good. We’re very selective because we know we’re going to invest a lot in your future. 

Generally, our intern programme acts as a conduit to becoming a graduate at MC, however if you missed out on our intern programme this year, we’ll still consider graduate applications wherever we have capacity.

Read on to hear what some of our graduates have to say, and get in touch with Ellen Simpson in our People team to find out more.

What makes MC

Our aim is getting you into court quickly. In fact, our goal is to have you working with clients and appearing in court on your own matters by the end of your first year. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds – we’ll support you every step of the way. Here’s what some of our recent graduates told us about their experience.

  • “As a graduate I’ve had access to excellent training resources and been able to learn from top lawyers across multiple areas of practice.”
  • “I’ve been blown away by how much litigation experience juniors are able to get early on in their careers compared to other firms. I was able to be a junior on files right from the get go.”
  • “The size of the firm means there is a strong network to be a part of and specialist areas of expertise to learn about. There’s always interesting cases of high public interest to learn about at lunchtime seminars.”
  • “It has that ‘big law firm’ feel but with a close knit team culture. It’s an active and interesting place to work and everyone’s encouraged to get involved in all aspects of MC.”
  • “From small group sessions with experienced partner’s teaching juniors how to review a file, to actually being able to appear as a junior in trial, the theoretical and practical training the firm offers is incredible.” 

  • “The focus on employee wellbeing here is quite amazing. MC offers flexible working, a super modern and beautiful open-plan office with lots of sunlight and greenery.”