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Like all law firms, we seek the best people with excellent legal skills and the highest levels of personal integrity.  What makes us different, is we also look for individuals with the right attitude – not lawyer swagger, but a genuine interest in people and doing what’s right for them.

We want people from diverse backgrounds to inspire diverse and innovative solutions for our clients and for us.  We live and breathe diversity – not with a department, a programme or forced fit, but by recognising differences make us stronger.  And life, a tad more interesting.

If working with us sounds like you, contact Susan Lord in our People team.


Who makes us, us

Collectively, our individualism adds to our ability to bring fresh perspectives to the work we do. Here’s a snapshot of what makes us who we are.


He aha te mea nui?
He tāngata:
People at the heart


MC has picked up the Chief Justice Winkelmann’s challenge to help make the legal profession and judiciary better reflect all the people of Tamaki Makaurau and Aotearoa New Zealand.

We have evolved over our 100+ year history. We are continually striving to make sure we reflect the diversity of people and perspectives of the communities we serve. 

This takes time and determination and we still have work to do.  But we’re proud of our progress so far.

Te Ture: In 2020, we were fortunate to partner with Arekatera Maihi, who produced for us Te Ture, the tāniko design we use on our documents and in our offices. The outer diagonal bar forms the roof of a whare or house – the sheltered zone that provides safety for work. The internal bar refers to the connections and foundations that are core to our business. Further inside is the most sacred part of the whare: it’s where you find the people – the communities of families, workers, and clients. Te Ture serves as a visual reminder that people are at the centre of our work.

Career-long training and development: We offer our lawyers the strongest and most comprehensive litigation training in Aotearoa, and extensive ongoing legal and other training for all our people. 

MC Centre in Auckland features Aotearoa’s only full-scale Training Courtroom.  It is identical to a courtroom in the High Court of Auckland. We use the courtroom for litigation training modules, moots and trial preparation, including with our clients.

We have begun our journey to better understand and practice Te Reo Māori me ōna Tikanga and offer everyone at MC the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills. We have incorporated tikanga and Te Reo Māori into our training programmes and deliver dedicated training on Te Ao Māori, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and He Whakaputanga. To ensure training is ongoing, we have weekly classes for beginners through to advanced reo speakers. 

Our Tari: Our award-winning Auckland office has been designed as people-centred . There are spaces provided (e.g. our reflection rooms and indoor gardens) to rest the senses along with dedicated wellness, reflection (prayer, or karakia) rooms, and a parenting room. At the heart of our tari is Te Kāuta, our cafe and dining area, where staff and clients connect. We are inclusive of disabled and neurodiverse people and our spaces have been designed accordingly. We are among the first law firms in the world to receive international recognition (through WELL Platinum certification) that our office environment enhances holistic health and well-being for those who work at and visit MC. Our office sits within a building with a ‘6-Star’ Green rating. 

Staff-led initiatives:  MC has many staff-led initiatives to join - from Rainbow Alliance, Te Tauhere Manaaki, Green MC to a range of sports teams.

Te Tauhere Manaaki (TTM): TTM is our staff-led Māori and Pacific rōpū, which provides Te Ao Māori and Pacific leadership across the firm’s activities. As well as supporting internal and external providers with training and development, TTM is a key sounding board for the firm’s leadership, and is a touchstone for our collaborative work with Māori and Pacific communities. TTM also facilitates the firm’s annual noho marae. Whilst the group is staff-led, it is supported by three partners, who identify as Māori, Māori/Tongan, and Pākehā.

Rainbow Alliance: Our staff-led Rainbow Alliance welcomes and encourages people of all genders and sexualities.  MC is proud to be the only law firm sponsoring the Big Gay Out.


You might have noticed some of our Partners and staff include pronouns in their email signatures, after their name. Pronouns are words used to refer to people, such as she/her, he/him, or they/them. For some of us pronouns might be simple, but for transgender and gender diverse people, there is an often an onus to assert their pronouns so they are not misgendered. Cisgender people (that is, people whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their sex at birth) are unlikely to experience this.

MC is committed to diversity and inclusion. We acknowledge all voices and experiences across our firm.

There are a few reasons why including pronouns in email signatures is beneficial:

  • Inclusion of pronouns by cisgender people normalises their use for everyone, and protects transgender and gender diverse people when they include theirs.
  • Their use reduces the burden on transgender and gender diverse people to educate people.
  • And having pronouns signals you as an LGBTQIA+ ally

Although it may seem like a small gesture, inclusion of pronouns has a big impact.

Ngā rangatira o āpōpō:
We are committed to working with the community
to develop tomorrow’s leaders in the law

Te Kuhunga Scholarship Programme

This programme targets Year 11-13 students from decile 1-4 secondary schools in Tāmaki Makaurau. Since 2019, over 45 scholarships have been awarded and we are proud to mentor and support these students to achieve their aspirations.

The Malosi Project

MC is a supporter of the Malosi Project, run by Pacific law students at the University of Auckland. The purpose of the Malosi Project is to encourage Pacific secondary students to enrol in law and equips them with advocacy skills to assist their communities. 

University Sponsorship

MC is an active sponsor of a number of events and initiatives at Auckland University, AUT and Victoria University. This includes partnering with both AUT’s Te Aro Ture Māori Law Students’ Society, Auckland University’s Te Rākau Ture Māori Law Students’ Society and Victoria University’s Māori Law Students’ Society/Ngā Rangahautira and Pasifika Law Students’ Society. We also host mooting competitions in our replica training courtroom for law students.

Toi Toi

Throughout the school year, MC connects with our younger community through the Toi Toi literary programme. 

Toi Toi journals are published every term, and MC sponsors Toi Toi by donating journals to affiliate schools in Auckland and Wellington.  Staff visit year 5 and 6 children during the term where they make last connections while reading the latest issue of the Toi Toi journal together. The students also get a copy of the journal to take home.

About you

We take our time finding the best people but once we do find them, we go all out to make sure they have the skills to perform the best job so they can continue to grow as people.  It’s important to us that you enjoy yourself at work and have a real sense of belonging to our MC team. 

Have you got the right attitude?  If so, find out more about working with us.