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The law of

Averages doesn't

apply here.

Like all law firms, we seek the best people, with excellent legal skills and the highest levels of personal integrity.  What makes us different, however, is that we also look for individuals with the right attitude – not lawyer swagger, but a genuine interest in people and doing what’s right for them.

People from diverse backgrounds inspire diverse and innovative solutions, for our clients and for us.  We live diversity – not with a department, a programme or forced effort, but by recognising that we are all different and understanding that our individualism makes us stronger.

Who makes us,us

Collectively, our individualism adds to our ability to bring fresh perspectives to the work we do. Here’s a snapshot of what makes us who we are.


About you

We take our time in finding the best people but once we find them, we go all out to make sure they have the skills to do the best job they can and they can continue to grow as people.  It’s important to us that you enjoy yourself at work and have a real sense of belonging to our MC team.

We are in the people development business, developing you and your career.  This is at the heart of our value proposition.  We have deliberately built our firm’s culture around providing opportunities for our people to learn, grow and succeed.

Have you got the right attitude?  If so, find out more about working with us.