Navigating law
and culture

There are increasing requirements and expectations for systems and people that understand tikanga Māori and Pacific custom. Navigating how each relates to the law is an end to end process, to be travelled with skill, care, and authenticity.

Our team have been supported by their Māori and Pacific communities to pursue excellence, while being true to their culture.

We can navigate Te Ao Māori and Pacific customs in our work. Our team has a passion for system change, and capability building, that when combined with our unique cultural and legal expertise puts us in the best position to provide cultural and legal advisory services.


•  End to end gap analysis: requirements review to show current state
•  Capability building: helping create the required competence
•  Ongoing monitoring: ensuring sustained competency


•  Immediate assistance: responding to specific present need
•  Lessons learnt: growing from the experience
•  Restoring: returning to a state of balance


NEWS - Recent legal decisions: Tikanga Māori in employment matters: what it means for employers?


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