Risk & Compliance Management.

We make
go away.

With unrivalled experience working across the regulatory sector, helping organisations efficiently navigating legal risk and compliance while maintaining public confidence is second nature to Meredith Connell.

We work closely with boards, executives and senior managers to help them understand their compliance risks and put in place pragmatic solutions to meet their obligations in a systematic, and effective manner.

We have leading Australasian expertise across risk profiles, including in emerging high profile areas such as privacy, and data and information management.

Experts in culture

We bring together a knowledge of the law, organisational policy, process, systems and people – with an acute awareness of reputational and legal risk.

We’re not hall monitors. We will put in place systems that incorporate the underlying purpose and culture promoted by regulatory regimes. Your organisation will be ready to meet its obligations in an ongoing and efficient way, without having to reinvent the wheel at any instance of reform.

And if problems have already come to light through internal or external review, exposing your organisation to reputational or legal risk, there is no one better to have on your side to put in place steps to restore confidence. 

Experts in risk

We have advised, and acted on countless regulatory enforcement actions, across the range of almost all New Zealand regulators. Practical experience at the sharp end of enforcement action means we have unique insight into the real nature of litigation risk. 

More importantly it gives us a vast store of knowledge about what could have been done at an earlier stage to prevent any problems reaching that point.

Experts in compliance

Our review processes on large local authorities have helped ensure effective and streamlined delivery of their obligations, and in some cases resulted in savings of up to 30 per cent in legal services spend. We have designed and developed an integrated legislative compliance framework for a large government department with over 170 legislative obligations. We have helped Crown entities identify gaps in their compliance and make strategic decisions about managing that risk.

Our broad range of services includes

  • Developing, maintaining and supporting compliance programmes, frameworks and management systems consistent with best practice compliance standards including AS/NZS 3806 (compliance programmes), ISO 19600;2014 (compliance management systems) and ISO 31000:2009 (risk management)
  • Conducting compliance reviews
  • Strategic compliance planning
  • Developing and supporting reform readiness programmes and compliance training
  • Conducting breach investigations, reviewand root cause analysis