Environment & Resource Management.

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Meredith Connell’s Environment and Resource Management specialists are the recognised leaders in the field.

We know the landscape. Our people have worked on everything from power generation consenting to mining concessions and plan changes for the primary sector, in almost every territorial authority and regional council area. We know how to get things done in all corners of the country.

Our team has decades of experience getting big projects off the ground for New Zealand’s largest corporates and organisations.  

Not one dimensional

We’re not one dimensional. Our team has represented and advised on every side of resource management disputes, and for third parties, regulators and consenting authorities.  Our lawyers have worked for the busiest district and city councils, and for environmental and residents’ groups.

This gives us unique insight. We see 360 degrees of the regulatory, social and political terrain when we’re helping you strategise, so we can anticipate and deal with potential problems long before they arise. 

Our style matters

Our style matters. We speak the language of all the players you will deal with in taking a big project to completion. We are the team you want when it comes to resolving disputes and tying together all the threads of a complex multi-stakeholder process.

And we are the most formidable environmental litigation firm in the country.

Our broad experience includes

  • Resource consenting for thermal, geothermal, hydro and wind power generation projects
  • Securing designations for infrastructure including gas pipelines and social assets such as schools and police stations
  • Concession applications under the Conservation Act for power and mining proposals
  • Litigation over fresh water allocation in the Waikato Region
  • Advising Auckland Council on its Air, Land and Water Plan, and its Proposed Unitary Plan
  • Judicial review of Council decisions to process applications without notice
  • Obtaining Plan Changes to facilitate development
  • Seeking enforcement orders from the Environment Court and prosecuting environmental offending
  • Advising Boards of Inquiry on call-in matters and policy development