Regulatory Policy & Performance.

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Meredith Connell’s Regulatory Policy and Performance team comprises trusted advisors to regulators across government.

We understand the need to achieve quality regulation, and maintain the confidence of the public and regulated parties, while working with finite resources.

We won’t just read your legislation back to you. Instead, we assist our clients to put in place policy that reflects the underlying purpose and intent of a regulatory regime, and processes to support those goals.


We are experts in developing and assessing public and regulatory policy informed by rigorous evaluation and monitoring, as well as a broad view of the regulatory landscape.

Our emphasis is on putting in place best practice procedures to manage internal and public-facing regulatory responsibilities, in line with your specific needs and priorities, to ensure effective outcomes.

We have worked with dozens of Crown entities to establish processes relating to politically sensitive regulatory regimes, including setting up systems within the newly constituted Financial Markets Authority and within the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment. 


We take a broad view of all the instruments in both hard and soft regulatory tools, from targeted prosecutions through to public communications, to encourage effective compliance. We help you think outside the box, to look at the full range of legal options, not narrowly confined to dedicated legislation, to achieve policy makers’ objectives. 

Our advice is based on evidence and experience in assisting regulators of every conceivable size and function. And once we have helped you examine the options to comprehensively, you will also be better placed to assess the need for future reform and policy development.


We specialise in providing advisory and assurance services across the regulatory system, including:

  • Research and evaluation
  • Public and regulatory policy development
  • Quality Assurance of regulatory impact statements
  • Developing regulatory compliance frameworks and strategies
  • Drafting operating policies and procedures
  • Leading or supporting inquiries
  • Conducting assurance reviews, risk assessments and quality audits
  • Training and capability development at all levels
  • Workshop facilitation (internal or external stakeholders).