Information Management & Privacy.


As the volume and complexity of information that organisations collect and retain increases, the potential legal, operational and reputational risks become ever greater.

Meredith Connell’s information law experts can help your organisation to put in place robust systems for legal and regulatory compliance in handling official and personal information.

We advise on all legal aspects of data management. We can assist with and draft organisation-specific policies for handling information, and we can provide training and assistance for privacy officers, as well as legal and operational staff. We also advise on issues arising from outsourcing data storage and security obligations. 

Managing compliance

We help clients ensure compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements, including the Privacy Act, Official Information Act and Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act, as well as the full range of specialist privacy codes including the Health Information Privacy Code and the Telecommunications Information Privacy Code.

And we can help resolve disputes over access to and release of information, should they occur, including litigation if this becomes necessary. 

Our expertise

We can assist with:

  • Drafting privacy policies
  • Advising on compliance with the Privacy Act and specialist privacy codes
  • Responding to requests for access to personal information under the Privacy Act
  • Responding to requests for access to information under the Official Information Act or Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act
  • Advising on investigations by the Ombudsman and the Privacy Commissioner
  • Addressing privacy complaints and breaches
  • Advising on outsourcing data retention and storage, particularly offshore, including managing data security obligations 
  • Providing training on privacy and official information issues