Health & Safety.

Get pro-active
Get compliant

MC is home to one of the largest specialist health & safety teams in New Zealand.

We believe in long term holistic relationships with our clients and the broader health and safety industry. We can protect you and your organisation from potential liability and help you comply with your duties alongside commercial sense and best practice.

We don’t see health and safety compliance as a check list to be ticked off. We have put together an innovative compliance programme which will ensure you have peace of mind that your organisation is properly discharging its duties.

Our dedicated team has unrivalled experience acting in investigations and prosecutions for corporates and government bodies, as well as for health and safety regulators (including Worksafe and Maritime NZ). As such, we are in a uniquely strong position to help keep organisations and individuals safe from legal liability and to assist them in discharging their legal obligations at every level. 

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