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Many years of experience supporting New Zealand’s most complex forensic internal investigations have taught us a few things. Investigations can change direction and size quickly, and it’s imperative to have a strong and trusted relationship between the forensic and legal teams. MC’s in-depth experience in complex civil and criminal fraud, and in assisting and supporting the investigative process, is unparalleled. No other law firm in New Zealand can match our expertise in sensitive and difficult cases where criminal, civil, employment and recoveries law intersect. We have large and skilled litigation teams in every area of practice associated with forensic investigations, allowing us to adapt as necessary as the investigation develops and take decisive action.

Our firm has experience in a wide range of fraud, including computer fraud and pay-roll fraud, procurement, securities market fraud, and public entity fraud. We regularly provide strategic advice to public and private entities and their investigation teams on fraud prevention, investigation, and litigation.

We work with investigators and forensic accountants in preparing a fraud file, advising on evidential sufficiency, and presenting complex evidence in court. We advise corporates and insurers in dealing with suspected fraudulent acts and provide accurate risk assessments on available options, backed up by years of practical courtroom experience.

Our work includes:

  • Advice on the lawful scope of the investigation;
  • Obtaining search orders to secure or preserve evidence;
  • Obtaining freezing orders over tainted or stolen money or property;
  • Obtaining confidentiality or suppression orders;
  • Guidance on key evidence or investigative trails to obtain the best evidence and present the best case in a future recovery or prosecution, from the early stages of the investigation; and
  • Advice on all employment related disciplinary matters relevant to the investigation.

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