Arbitration & Dispute Resolution


MC has significant knowledge and experience in the arbitration and mediation space and has a specialist team ready to assist on any kind of alternate dispute resolution issue – no matter how big.

These days, arbitration is increasingly popular with commercial clients as it can provide a more cost-effective procedure for the resolution of commercial disputes. In addition to cost and time efficiencies, arbitration also has the advantage of confidentiality. Mediation is also a sensible option to consider before disputes reach the courtroom.

MC litigators regularly appear in arbitration proceedings under the Arbitration Act 1996 and know its terms inside out. Our lawyers advise clients facing a wide range of commercial disputes and there are few subjects we have not seen. At any given time our lawyers can be found are acting on:

Arbitrations arising from leasing disputes

Government arbitration

Commercial arbitration

International arbitration

Resolution through mediation

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