Associate - Auckland

Ben Kirkpatrick

Ben Kirkpatrick


Ben regularly appears in the Auckland High Court, District Court and Youth Court, conducting pre-trial, trial and appellate work. To date, he has prosecuted crimes including drugs, sex, violence and regulatory offences. 

Prior to joining the firm, Ben worked for a criminal defence barrister. In that role, he worked on cases including homicides, serious drug operations and sexual offending. Ben would regularly appear as junior counsel in jury trials in the District and High Courts along with drafting submissions for the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.

Recent Cases & Achievements

R v Archer

Acted as junior counsel in successfully defending a murder prosecution.  Mr Archer was acquitted of murder and convicted of manslaughter.  

Radhi v District Court at Manukau

Assisted with a successful appeal to the Supreme Court where the appellant’s case was referred to the Minister of Justice under the Extradition Act 1999.   

R v MM, R v BS, R v EB

Acted as junior counsel in successfully defending sexual prosecutions against young persons and adults in the District and High Court. 


LLB/BA (Criminology), University of Auckland