Royal Reed


Royal specialises in civil litigation involving an international and Asian clientele.  Her experience spans over 20 years, and prior to joining Meredith Connell, she founded a boutique law firm that received various accolades.  Her expertise includes cross-border/cultural litigation, relationship property, conflicts of law, and choice of forum issues.

Royal also provides straightforward advice on intricate issues of trust, relationship property, and cross-border enforcement cases.  She does so with an acute awareness on differing cultural perspectives.

As counsel, Royal appears before courts, tribunals and authorities, including the Court of Appeal, High Court, Family Court, District Court, and the Employment Relations Authority.  Her advocacy on her clients’ behalf have led to landmark decisions, including the Court of Appeal’s recognition and enforcement of a Chinese judgment for the first time.

  • Chen v Lin [2016] NZCA 113.
  • Le v Hemu Trade Company Ltd [2019] NZCA 476 (claims of trust relationship by an overseas company and using foreign proceedings as evidence).
  • Chang v Lee [2017] NZAR 1223 (CA) (claim of trust relationship in the absence of an agreement).
  • Qian v Knox Property Investment Limited [2016] 18 NZCPR 280 (CA) (propriety interest claim on property purchased by an apparent third-party company).

LLB, University of Auckland (2000)

Master of Laws – Waikato University

Negotiation & Leadership for Senior Executives, Harvard Law School (2011)

Leadership in Law Firms - Harvard Law School (2011)

Other Credentials

LEADR accredited mediator