James Herring


Before joining Meredith Connell James worked as an Assistant Crown Counsel in the Criminal team at the Crown Law Office, gaining experience in the Criminal appellate jurisdiction whilst working on files at all judicial levels including the Supreme Court. James has appeared as an Assistant Crown Counsel in the Court of Appeal and High Court and as lead counsel in the District Court.

James was seconded to the Constitution and Human Rights team at Crown Law for a year. The team provides legal and administrative support to the statutory functions of the Attorney-General and Solicitor-General, and oversees the application of New Zealand Human Rights legislative provisions and case law. 

  • S (CA 481-2018) v R [2019] NZCA 1
  • Whichman v R [2018] NZCA 519
  • Obiaga v Visiting Justice at Auckland Prison [2019] NZAR 148

LLB(Hons), Auckland University of Technology