Grant Young


Grant is a solicitor in the Criminal Proceeds Recovery team.  He acts for the Commissioner of Police in civil proceedings under the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act 2009 and for the Crown in criminal proceedings.

Before joining Meredith Connell, Grant was a Judge’s Clerk at the High Court at Auckland.  He has also worked as an independent researcher advising claimants in the Waitangi Tribunal and iwi in Treaty of Waitangi settlement negotiations with the Crown.  He has given expert evidence on tikanga and historical issues in the Waitangi Tribunal on many occasions.

  • Grant has prepared substantial historical research reports for claimants and for the Waitangi Tribunal in the Central North Island, Hauraki, National Park, Porirua ki Manawatu, Te Rohe Potae, Taihape, Tauranga, Urewera, Wairoa, and Whanganui Inquiry Districts. He has given expert evidence to the Waitangi Tribunal on many occasions in these inquiries. He also jointly prepared a report and gave expert evidence in the Tamaki Makaurau Settlement Process inquiry, has given expert evidence in Environment Court proceedings and gave expert evidence to the commissioners considering the MV Rena resource consents.
  • Publications including:

“Custom and the Native Land Court” (2010-2011) 13-14 Yearbook of New Zealand Jurisprudence 213.
“Native and Maori Land Legislation in the Superior Courts, 1840-1980”, November 2005, with Michael Belgrave and Tom Bennion.
“Judge Norman Smith and a Tale of Four Take” (2004) 21 NZULR 309.
“A Short History of Post-Treaty Maori Customary Rights to Land” Michael Belgrave, Merata Kawharu and David Williams (eds) Waitangi Revisited: Perspectives on the Treaty of Waitangi (Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 2004).

LLB(Hons), University of Auckland

MA(Hons), University of Auckland

PhD, Massey University – New Zealand history (operation of the Native Land Court)