Bruce Northwood

Special Counsel 

Bruce is a special counsel in the Crown Specialist Group with over 30 years litigation experience. He has extensive experience in Crown prosecutions, prosecuting over 180 criminal trials.

Bruce has expertise in cases involving the interception of private communications by survelliance device warrant and in prosecutions involving the importation and supply of controlled drugs. He has prosecuted in 16 major drug related cases regarding the interception of communications and an additional 23 other major drug cases.

He is also a prosecutor in cases involving allegations of dishonesty and serious violence, including attempted murder.

Before joining Meredith Connell, Bruce practiced as a barrister for 11 years. His areas of work as defense counsel involved cases of serious crime, including allegations of sexual offending, robberies, dishonesty and three murder prosecutions.

Acted for the Crown in the High Court for Operation Gem, a nine week trial relating to substantial importations and supply of pseudoephedrine (R v Zhang and others).

Acted for the Crown in the District Court in relation to the importation and supply of very large quantities of cocaine (R v Aqwu, Byrne & Jury).

Acted for the Crown in an 11 week District Court trial about the importation and supply of several kilograms of methamphetamine and the indoor cultivation of cannabis in eight properties on Auckland’s North Shore (R v Haang, and others).

LLB (Hons)/BA, University of Auckland