Brian Dickey


Brian is the Crown Solicitor at Auckland. He has over 24 years litigation experience and has conducted major cases in the criminal and civil jurisdictions. He is perhaps best known for the run of significant Finance Company cases, which he oversaw and conducted following the collapses in that sector from 2007.

Brian has conducted the most serious criminal cases up to and including murder trials and significant insolvency/commercial cases concerned with the Companies, Insolvency and Securities Acts. As Crown Solicitor Brian oversees the conduct of Crown Prosecutions (serious crime) in the Auckland region under the authority of the Solicitor General.

  • Advised on and conducted R v Petricevic, an extremely large, highly technical and commercially complex prosecution under the Securities Act relating to Bridgecorp, a failed finance company. Following a trial involving 12 weeks’ sitting time, the three defendants were convicted. 
  • Conducted R v Tian, a four week long murder trial in the High Court.
  • Successfully defended an appeal against the decision of the High Court giving judgment to the Official Assignee in a bankruptcy of Andrew Krukziener against HF Residual Obligations Ltd (formerly Hanover Finance Ltd) for a preferential payment. This is a leading decision on the application of s 412 of the Insolvency Act 2006 (HF Residual Obligations Ltd (formerly Hanover Finance Ltd) v Official Assignee of the property of Andrew Krukziener).

LLB, Victoria University of Wellington