Health and Safety

Health and Safety… I know, I know. But this is different.
Our four modules will help you identify and avoid health and safety incidents, while also providing support when incidents do happen.

The Health and Safety at Work Act puts a lot of onus – and penalties – on employers to manage risks properly.

A good H&S programme is more than just a compliance checklist but a systemic programme of good business that allows your people to get home safely every day.

The MC Health & Safety programme uses a unique scenario-based and engaged learning approach to understanding your health and safety risks, and puts best practice plans in place to manage them.

Scenario-based exercises engage your people in highlighting risks, identifying and implementing mitigation plans, and for checking the quality of your systems.

01. this just got real-ish
The MC Mock Trial Experience – a health & safety courtroom drama with leading court room lawyers. Interactive-training for your teams to put your people and your systems on the stand!
  • Mock trial tailored to scenarios relevant to your business.
  • Real New Zealand prosecutors.
  • Highlights real issues and uncovers inadequate controls.
  • Feedback and advice to minimise the liability risks for you and your organisation.
  • 3-4 hours – Fixed Fee.
  • Your clients will love it too – feel free to bring them along.
02. Action stations
Integrity testing - when a health & safety episode occurs on or off-site, how well do your systems perform? Incident simulation based on the risks facing you, to test your systems and their effectiveness.
  • Simulation drill to test current incident response procedures, and the integrity of your Health & Safety systems.
  • Highlight and address deficiencies.
  • A report on findings and recommendations on areas of improvement – Would you get prosecuted? What can you do better?
03. Partner proofing
Getting confident about your third party risks. Managing your health and safety duties as they relate to other parties.
  • Review relationships and identify your risks – What is it you need to do? What are your contractor and third party risks?
  • Advise on how to best address them.
  • Review contracts to ensure your obligations are met, and ensure your expectations are made clear.
04. After the fact
Respond Effectively and Efficiently to a Health & Safety Incident. Help with managing incidents, and incident response.
  • WorkSafe notifications.
  • Help with, or conducting, internal investigations.
  • External investigation assistance.
  • Attending WorkSafe interviews.
  • Efficiently and effectively defend any proceedings.